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Oct 24

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Mar 3

Monday Music Meeting 030215

Episode 18! Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting new country music!! Can’t bel;ieve that we have already knocked down two months of 2015! So much good music already out and we still have 10 months to go! I say we jump right into the 3 songs we have this week!
I got excited this week when I saw that we got new music from Kacey Musgraves! Same Trailer Different Park was by far one of my favorite albums when it came out. I felt that Kacey really bridged that gap between so many different sounds in country music with that album. I can’t wait to hear he second album hopefully coming out sometime this Summer but for now we get her first single off it here! It’s call Biscuits and she say that it sets the table perfect for the new album! If your liking the song like I am, let her know on her twitter @KaceyMusgraves
Coming up second we have one of the songs off of what is going to be Luke Bryans LAST album!! Well… his last Spring Break album!! Yes Luke says that Checkin’ Out … Spring Break will be the final in his yearly Spring time releases. While there are no real singles that come from these albums, I’m really liking this one called My Ol’ Bronco! The new EP will be out March 10th!
Closing it out for this week, we are tapping some talent from right here in Northern California! I just found out about Toree McGee a few weeks ago thanks to John Kreuzer and my good friend Indiana Al at KRTY in San Jose! They were all over this young ladies debut single “Amen” and said I had to hear it! And what can I say… She is the first Northern California native to make it to the Monday Music Meeting! So give her a listen and then let her know what you think about it!! You can find her on Twitter @ToreeMcGee or on her website
Thanks so much for stopping by! As always we will back with you next week with 3 more new Country songs!! Be sure to like the show on soundcloud and follow me on Twitter to get the show as soon as they come out!!

Jan 13

Monday Music Meeting Episode 12!

This week new music from:
The Zac Brown Band – Homegrown
Kip Moore – I’m To Blame
Craig Wayne Boyd – My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face

Jan 6

Monday Music Meeting #11 010515

Welcome back for 2015! Hope you had a great holiday season! We are back for a whole new year of the Monday Music Meeting, and I am excited about some of the music that I have already heard and some of the music that is rumored to be coming out! But right now let get this show started with 3 new songs for you!
Up first is a good friend of mine that sent me this single 2 months ago and then told me I couldn’t play it! But now I have the OK to have you turn it up loud! It’s the new single from Joe Bachman! You will remember him from songs like Small Town Rockstar, A Soldiers Memoir, or Lookatchu last year. He is back, and I think this song definitly has some fire in it! It is “Sumthin’ Bout a Woman” Be sure to reach out to him on Twitter at @JoeBachman and let him know what you think!
Coming in second this week is our favorite Woman Duo, Maddie & Tae! Coming off the smash debut single “Girl In a Country Song,” they are following up with a new song called “Fly.” and it is on their EP that is available right now! You can find the girls on twitter at @MaddieandTae @MaddieMarlow and @_taylordye
Wrapping it up for us this week is a lady that IU have been waiting to release a single since I met her in April of 2013! The SUPER talented Mickey Guyton just might have the best pipes, that I have heard, in Country Music! Yeah I know that is a HUGE statment but this girl has so much tallent that she has already performed for the President and the First Lady! This is her debut single, “Better Than You Left Me.” Please find her on Twitter @MickeyGuyton and let her know what you think!

Thats a wrap for the first show of 2015! We will be back next week with 3 new tracks for you! As always you can reach out to me anyway you like! Twitter @jayrobertsradio or with an email
See you next week!

Dec 9

Monday Music Meeting #9 12/08/14

Back at you with episode 9! This is the Monday Music Meeting! If you have been here before, thank you for coming on back and supporting new country music! If this is your first go round every Monday we bring you 3 new country songs from your favorite artists as well as artist that you may not have heard about that could become your next favorite artist!
Starting off this week, I’m bringing you another artist from North of the boarder! He goes by the name Dallas Smith and is definitely NOTHING new if you live in Canada! This guy has been putting out hits in Canada and is finally jumping the boarder to bring his sound to the states! He has worked with the boys of Florida Georgia Line and The Cadillac 3 writing and recording music and had his first US single for us now! The track is called “Wastin’ Gas” off his new CD called “Lifted” that is on iTunes right now for just $4.99! You can stalk, I mean follow him on the Twitter @DallasSmith or see more about him and get the link to the album at
These next guys are not newbies to the Monday Music Meeting making their debut on episode 2, but they are back with a new song and a new album! Sundy Best is back with their new single “Southern Boy” off their new album “Salvation City!” I got to check these guys out live a few weeks back and hang with them after the show. Kris and Nick are really chill folks that make good music! Seeing them live is definitely worth checking out! Go take a look at their videos at Be sure to check out the one for Lotta Love, simple video that always makes me laugh! They are on the Twitter too, @sundybest
Wrappin things up this week is a guy I stumbled across randomly, but I’m glad I did! Ricky Gunn is his name and he has already started carving out a spot in country music for himself opening for guys like Travis Tritt, Tyler Farr and Gary Allen. He’s got is debut single out for you now called “King of This Town” and it’s available on iTunes right now for less than a buck! Check him out on the Twitter @rickygunn1 or at his site

Boom another one done! Thank you so much for supporting new Country music and remember we do this every week so hit the subscribe button below on Soundcloud to get all the new country first!! You can always follow me on Twitter @jayrobertsradio and reach me on my Facebook,

Dec 2

Monday Music Meeting Episode 8 120114

The beautiful thing about music, there is always new stuff coming out! That’s where we step in! Thank you for stopping by and supporting new country music!
Getting right into it this week first up is a Canadian Country music star who has made the move to Nashville. His name is Steven Lee Olsen and is already an established song writer, penning songs for the likes of Craig Morgan and The Judds just to name a few! He is ready to take Country Radio by storm with his debut single, its called “Raised on a Good Time.” You can pick it up on iTunes and you can reach out to him on his Twitter @stevenleeolsen
Coming up 2nd this week is the man who has strapped a rocket to his back and it FLYING up the Country music charts! His debut single went number one ridiculously fast! Of course I’m talking about Sam Hunt! His debut album has sold 100,000 copies and been streamed on Spotify over 4 million times! For his follow up single Sam has changed up the sound a little with the relesae of “Take Your Time.” He switches back and forth between poetry and singing in a hypnotizing way! You can let Sam know what you think about it on his twitter @SamHuntMusic PS I like this guy because he used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs!
Rounding out the Monday Music Meeting this week is new comer Logan Mize. You may have seen him on a commercial with Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere or on the TV series “Hart of Dixie. He is now ready to take his singing to the next level with the release of his first single “Can’t Get Away From a Good Time” LEt get his Twitter followers up and let him know what you think about the song you can reach him at @loganmize

So there is another episode in the books! Thank you so much for supporting new Country music and remember we do this every week so hit the subscribe button below on Soundcloud to get all the new country first!! You can always follow me on Twitter @jayrobertsradio and reach me on my Facebook,

Nov 25

Monday Music Meeting Episode 7 112414

We are back for a holiday edition of the Monday Music Meeting! No need t wait till Black Friday to get a great deal, your getting FREE new Country music right now!
Starting us off this week is our great friend Austin Webb! He’s got a brand new track for you, it’s called All Country On You! Austin is by far one of our favorite folks in Country music, always having a great time joking around! Definitly an entertaining follow on Twitter you can get him @austinlwebb or check out his website
Coming in hot right behind Austin is the new single from Justin Moore! “This Kind Of Town” is the third single off his “Off the Beaten Path” Album. Definitly an album worth buying already 3 solid singles off it! You can follow him on the Twitter @JustinColeMoore. His full album is out right now!
download (1)
Rounding out the show this week is Colt Ford! Get ready to “Crank it Up!” His latest single off of his “Thanks for Listening” album. Talk about star power on that album, he’s got Justin Moore, Keith Urban, Chase Rice, and even Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! I love this guy, you may not be a huge fan of the Hip-Hop influence in country but you have to respect Colt because he represents that country life to the fullest! If you have never had a chance to see him live your missing out!
There you have it! Episode 7 of the PodCast! Thank You so much for giving it a listen! Let me know what you think about it, you can reach me on Twitter @jayrobertsradio on Facebook, or shoot me an email
See you next week!

Nov 18

Monday Music Meeting Episode 6 11/17/14

Well we meet again! The Monday Music Meeting Episode 6! Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting new Country Music! Let’s get right into it! 3 more great new songs coming your way!
Leading off tonight is a guy that is a Texas powerhouse that is finally ready to take his tallent nation wide! Granger Smith has been blowing up the Texas music chart for years getting more radio airplay than some of your “main stream” artists! He’s been on my radar for a while now and I’m glad to hear that he is taking his talents nation wide on his “Yee Yee National Tour!” His latest album is avaliable now on iTunes for just $5.99! You can check out more of him at his website or on the twitter @grangersmith
Sliding in to the number two spot this week is the song that Miranda Lambert performed with Little Big Town on the CMA’s earlier this month! The song is “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” Now I have to admit that when I heard this song for the first time I was now a huge fan, but it is definitly growing on me! You already know how to find out everything Miranda, but just in case, it’s @mirandalambert on the Twitter!
Wrapin the podcast up this week is a brand new artist with an amazing voice! He goes by the name Seth Alley and you can imediatly pick him out in the room with his fire red hair! His debut single is great! “Waiting on Mary,” is the perfect fall/winter snuggle up song! Learn more about Seth at his website and don’t forget to follow him on the Twitter @SethAlleyMusic I’m telling you that we are going to be hearing A LOT from this kid in 2015!
And that’s episode 6! Thanks so much for checking it out! If this is your first time, go back and check out some of the past episodes for more great Country music!
You can always reach me on Twitter @JayRobertsRadio or Facebook I love to hear what you think of all the music that we bring you as well as any artists that you think we should look into!

Nov 4

Monday Music Meeting # 4

Mondays seem to keep coming along, so we are gonna keep bringing you the Monday Music Meeting! As always we have 3 new tracks for you this week!
Kicking this off for us this week is Rodney Atkins! Been about 3 years since Rodney was taking us down a back road but he is back! His new single is “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat.” I like this track, kinda reminds me of an old 90s Clay Walker song. Let Rodney know what you think bout the new track! You can find him on Twitter @rodneyatkins or at his web site
Next up is the man who is teaming up with Kenny Chesney next year for a huge stadium tour! Jason Aldean! His last single was his fastest rising single of his career and he’s hoping to do it again! The next single off of his “Old Boots, New Dirt” album is titled, “Just Getting Started.” I think this sound a lot more vintage Jason than “Burnin it Down.” Let us know what you think! Check out Jasons twitter @Jason_Aldean
I found out about this weeks new artist to watch from one of you on Twitter. She goes by the name of Sara Beth or you can just call her “Swags!” LOL! Beautiful lady out of Texas now calling Nashville her home. Her new single is called No Where With You. After giving it a listen I can say I want to hear more! You can find our more about her and hear more songs by checking out her website and follow her on the Twitter @SBSwags
That’s it for this week! As always if you know of an artist or a track that we should get on the show send me a message on the Twitter @jayrobertsradio or Facebook, or just drop me a line
Thanks again for listening! See you next week!

Oct 28

Monday Music Meeting #3

We are back with episode number 3! Thank you so much for stopping back in and taking a listen to new Country music! This week we have 3 new tracks for you!

Leading off this week is one of our favorites, the local boy Jon Pardi! This is the title track off of his debut album, “Write You A Song.” This track is full of energy and you can just picture being at one of those barn yard dances with this song turned all the way up! You can check out everything Jon Pardi at his web site and on Twitter @jonpardi
Second we have the next single from Chase Rice called, “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” I really like that they have released this as a follow up single to his debut single “Ready Set Roll.” I think that this shows the diversity of Chase and that he can do so much more than one style of country music. You can see what Chase is up to on his web site and follow him on the twitter @ChaseRiceMusic
Closing it out this week is a very talented young lady with one of the most bubbly personalities I have ever been around! Her name is Kelsea Ballerini and if you haven’t heard of her yet I think you definitely will come 2015. She is currently making the rounds on what is known as her radio tour where she meets all of us radio folk and introduces us to her music. Playing with her on the tour are a couple of our buddies Josh Kerr and Jacob Simmons who make great music! Josh even co-wrote the new Dylan Scott record that we played last week, if you missed it, definitely go back and check that track out! Do yourself a favor and go sheck out her site, or be wittiness to her wonderful selfies by following her on twitter @KelseaBallerini and also check out the band @joshkerrmusic and @JacobTSimmons
As always if you have an artist that we should be listening to let me know! you can find me on Facebook at or on the Twitter @jayrobertsradio Thank you so much for listening and supporting new country music!