May 18, 2016

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So last year I fell in love with Chris Stapelton’s Traveler album but only talked about it a few times. Then When he won and I celebrated the great win I got yelled at for never talking about him before… so this year I’m putting it in writing!

I picked up Sturgill Simpson’s new album, “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” when it came out, and I can’t stop listening to it!! I am far from a music critic, so sorry if my words seem off, but I’ll try to sum up the album with more than, “IT’S F#@&ING AWESOME”!!!
So let me say that the only “bad” part of this album is that it’s only 9 tracks long for just shy of 40 minutes of music. What you get with that 40 minutes is solid music with no filler songs to “just make the album longer.”
I’m not sure I can pick a favorite song, and really the album should be listened to as a whole to really apreciate it. However, I’ll highlight a few. The first track, “Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)” starts out with strings that remind me of a symphony with Sturgill’s distinct voice giving a soulful sound, then the funk comes in complete with horns with Simpson’s vocals giving even more power to the song. The best way I can describe “Brace For Impact” is a throwback to an old Stevie Ray Vaughn groove with a down south twang. “Keep It Between The Lines” is heavy on the horns with a song that songs like it could have come out of the height of Motown, yet still keeps its country all at the same time! The biggest surprise on th album to me was his cover of the classic Nirvana track, “In Bloom.” I have to respect Simpson for taking such an iconic song and making it his own!
Overall if you give this album a listen and your not a fan, I’m gonna guess that you think Luke Bryan is the best country singer out right now. Not a knock on Luke, he has some tracks that I love, but this album right here…. this is real, soulful, American, from the heart music.

Check out the tracks below and then find the rest of the album FAST!! By the way if you have Amazon Prime you can stream the album with your subscription for free, so I’m guessing you may find it on Spotify and Apple Music too!


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