FAT GUY CHRONICLES - The New Plan Finished!

March 10, 2016

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So I’ve been swamped and haven’t been able to update my latest weight loss saga. So I have wrapped up my 24 day challenge with AdvoCare. I can’t say that I followed the system the way that they have it set up, but I was close-ish…

So how did I fair is the real question right? Well if you read when I started, I was at about 225 when I started and before my wedding I couldnt get below 220. When I stepped on the scale this morning… 209.8!!! I’ve got people at work telling me I look way thinner! So I would say that the 24 days have been a great success!! And by the way, I ran 1 time last month!

Gotta say a BIG thank you to my friend Desiree who turned me on to the system, you can find her link below, if your looking to drop some lbs check her out and see if its a good fit for you!

So what now? I really want/need to get going on a workout plan… gotta figure out how to fit it in with work and school… Hoping to get below 200 before Summer! I’ll keep you posted!

You can check out the program that I’m on by clicking here: www.advocare.com

Disclaimer: I have no connection to the AdvoCare program and am not paid to promote them or received any products for free in exchange for talking about them and have no financial interest if you decide to try the program. This blog is just my weight loss journey and how and what I use to reach my goal. My blog will give you my results, good or bad, and my experiences with any programs, supplements, or training routines I use. ~ Jay

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