Fat Guy Chronicles Feb 2016 - A New Plan

February 17, 2016

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So after dropping 20 pounds for the wedding, I found my weight starting to creep up again. I hit a plateau at 220 pounds for 3 months before the wedding and couldn’t seem to get below it for more than a day or two. After getting back up to 225 I reached out to my friend Desiree, who is a bodybuilder, for a new workout plan and diet advice. She had recently joined up with a company called AdvoCare to help jump start her diet for an upcoming competition. They have a 24 day challenge that she had success with so since I trust her advice I bought the program.

The program came with a bunch of supplements, protein shakes, vitamin energy drink things, and a suggested meal plan to follow. I started my challenge last Monday, the day after the Superbowl! So after a weekend of more than a few drinks and LOTS of food that tasted delicious, but probably wasn’t the best for me, I got on the scale at 229 Monday morning. Now, I don’t consider that my starting weight because of the crazy weekend, so for my weight loss purposes I will say my starting weight was actually 225, my average weight for the week before.

The first week is a cleanse type of deal. Now if you are thinking cleanse like some I’ve tried, where you are constantly looking for a bathroom it has been nothing like that! As far as hunger goes with the meal plan, I haven’t noticed anything. In fact, I have actually missed meals or snacks (not recommended by the plan) because I didn’t think about it. I will say that I am drinking around 125 ounces of water a day and I cut alcohol and diet soda¬†almost¬†(had a few on V-Day!) completely out too. Overall with some planning the meals have been easy to set up.

As far as exercise, I did NONE for the first 8 days. They definitely recommend that I do, but haven’t had the time. I did do a small run this morning and plan to continue running for the rest of the 16 days left on the program.

So how about the results… After 8 full days on the system I weighed in this morning at 217, but it almost wanted to drop to 216! The encouraging news, besides the 8 pounds dropped, is that I broke through the 220 barrier that I was stuck at last time. I believe that Desiree told me the average weight loss for the challenge is 15-20 pounds, so I’m around half way to that without any exercise!

I’ll keep you posted and post some pics next week!

You can check out the program that I’m on by clicking here: www.advocare.com

Disclaimer: I have no connection to the AdvoCare program and am not paid to promote them or received any products for free in exchange for talking about them and have no financial interest if you decide to try the program. This blog is just my weight loss journey and how and what I use to reach my goal. My blog will give you my results, good or bad, and my experiences with any programs, supplements, or training routines I use. ~ Jay

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