What Exactly did the Dixie Chicks say?

November 17, 2015

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Its been over a decade since the Dixie Chicks took to the stage in London and made a career changing statement. It was 2003 and The US was about to go to war with Iraq. The ladies were touring to promote their smash album Home. The trio’s lead singer uttered the statement that would bring their stardom to a screeching halt. “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.” I’ve heard singers, actors, politicians and regular Joes say WAY worse about our past president as well as our current, and honestly about any of the candidates to be our next president since she made that statement, yet I still hear folks HATE the Dixie Chicks.

Here we are almost 13 years later and that statement, albeit, along with other sound bites since, still hangs large over their heads. It seems that we either forgive or look past so many of our favorite stars bad decisions but not them.

Now I’m only trying to ask a question here, not placing my view on what the trio or Natalie said independently. I am just trying to figure out why so many cant move past what they originally said, since that is the quote that most point to. As far as I know, and correct me if I’m wrong, they never said anything about not supporting our troops, which I have heard many times when I talk to people about it. With ALL the bad things I have heard people say about our current president and well as President Bush since then, maybe it is time to forgive?

In a 2013 interview with US Magazine Natalie said, “To me, I was right from the beginning, because it’s my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government,” Maines said. “It’s very scary to me that people actually think we should just follow our leaders. If we can’t learn from our history, we’re nowhere.” I have heard very similar points of view from people all over to what she said here.

So as the ladies announce their upcoming US tour, is it time to look at what they said over a decade ago and put it in context with what we know know? Is it time to just enjoy the music and accept that we all have different views and say things that we don’t all agree with sometimes? Is it time to remember that we do live in the USA when we all have the right to have our own political views and the right to voice those opinions?

In no way am I trying to tell you how you should feel or that you should forgive and forget. We all have to make that decision ourselves. As for me, well if I was judged on something I said or did 13 years ago, I’m pretty sure I would have a lot less friends in this world.

Let me also add, my young man is an active duty Marine about to be deployed. So I do hold our Armed Service Men and Women in VERY high regard and admiration.

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