Went Back Under The Needle!

October 21, 2015

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Seven years ago, after looking everywhere for a tattoo artist who could do portraits really well, I got my all time favorite picture of my daughter on my forearm. At the time I was going through a pretty bad divorce at the time and to  say that I wasnt getting to see her enough was a gross understatement. I had decided that I wanted to be able to see my heart whenever I wanted and she would always be with me.

When I met my artist Steve Maycock, now at Wild Bills Tattoo in Roseville, he saw the pic I wanted and said it was perfect! a little over 5 hours later I had my lil’ girl with me forever! However, over the year I have not taken the best care of my tattoos, (no sun screen or lotion…) so the tattoo faded and the detail that I loved in it was gone. So a few days before she turns 16 I decided it was time to ┬ámeet up with Steve and go under the needle again! I was scared how it would look this time since I’ve never had a tattoo redone before. Not only do I think that it is every bit as good as it first was, ITS BETTER! Check out all the pics here!

This is the original picture, its from 2005 when she was 5!


In March of 2009 this was the tattoo right after Steve, Look how bare my arm still was!



After the years of the California sun this is what happens…


So I let Steve go to work…

IMG_20151021_151948 IMG_20151021_131413

And this is the result!



When my arm stops hating me and the redness and swelling go down I’ll post another pic! Thanks again to Steve Maycock! Amazing job sir!



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