How do you teach your 11 year old great values? You "Be Awesome"

August 24, 2015

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I’ve been lucky enough to be friends with the Sangs for over a decade now. Axel and Angelique are pretty great folks that always seem to be helping someone and trying to teach their son Ivan how to be a respectful young man by leading by example. What they decided to do┬álast week as a family, is a great representation of who they are.

They came together and decided to make a difference for some charities. The outcome? They are proud 49ers Faithful with season tickets at Levi’s Stadium. They decided to give a pair of their tickets, located in section 106, away randomly every week to someone who donates $100 to any charity of they want! Just pick a charity, donate $100 or more, and post and share it on social media using the #49erTicketsForACause! 24 hours before each home game they play in the regular season, they will pick a winner and email the tickets! Trust me the tickets are worth more than that!

Such a great positive story! The contest is open to anyone! Just be sure to use the #49ersTicketsForACause! In the words of Ivan while deciding to do this, “LETS BE AWESOME!” Mission Accomplished!!

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