The Wolf Pack's Positivitey is Working for Trevor!

August 20, 2015

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A few weeks back I asked the Wolf Pack for a simple favor on a Saturday afternoon. On July 21st,  24 year old Trevor Stotka was in a major car accident on I80 that has left him in a coma in ICU at UC Davis Medical Center here in Sac.


I went on air and asked you to just send some positive thoughts and prayers to Trevor and his family. Then I dedicated “I Love This Life” by LoCash to him and waited to hear how he was doing. Well Wolf Pack, I am very happy to say that Trevor has made some baby steps in his recovery! He has had some movement in his hands and legs! He has even been taken out of the ICU and moved to a Neuro department.

I’m asking again, please send all the positive thoughts and prayers you can to Trevor and his family! Leave a positive message for them here if you would like! I’ll make sure his family get a copy of them to read to him!!

Thank You All!!



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