Never thought this would happen again...

May 19, 2015

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About 8 years ago I went through a pretty bad divorce. At the time as many people that go through a divorce, I felt that my world had crumbled and that one of the only things that I did good, be a husband and father, was another thing that I had failed at in life. From that moment I decided that I would never get married again. I didnt believe in what the institution of marriage had become and felt that it was a joke.

Fast forward a few years and I went to a concert with a long time friend who, funny enough, was at my wedding! We one thing led to another and thanks to some liquid courage I kissed her and again thanks to alcohol she kissed me back! As our relationship grew she knew exactly how I felt about marriage and she loved me enough to accept that.

We hit a rough patch and split for a few months in 2012. Let me answer your question, yes it was my fault! Anyways, in that time my life radically changed, I went back to college and got my job here at The Wolf. However even with as happy as I was, I knew I was missing something and went begging for her to take me back. Then I did what I thought I would never do. I realized that with all and I do mean all of my stupid problems, annoying habits, hard headedness, and laundry list of other flaws, this woman still loved me and wanted to be with me of all people.

On May 18th last year, I made the decision to put my thoughts aside and do something for her, because I loved her that much. With the blessing of her father, the help of my coworkers and two amazing people Keifer and Shawna Thompson (Thompson Square) I not only did what I never thought I would do again, but did it front of 3000 people, with all my heart, and down on one knee. She said yes and the wedding is December 12 of this year.

What I hope by sharing my story is two things. One, that if you are going through a rough time and feel that the world is against you and you have lost all that you love, You cant see it now, or maybe even tomorrow, but if you surround yourself with great friends and keep pushing forward everyday, it will get better and things that you feel now are not possible, will be. Two, Doing something for someone because you love them and you want more than anything for them to be happy is an amazing feeling that can make you change the way you look at things!

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