Monday Music Meeting 030215

March 3, 2015

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Episode 18! Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting new country music!! Can’t bel;ieve that we have already knocked down two months of 2015! So much good music already out and we still have 10 months to go! I say we jump right into the 3 songs we have this week!
I got excited this week when I saw that we got new music from Kacey Musgraves! Same Trailer Different Park was by far one of my favorite albums when it came out. I felt that Kacey really bridged that gap between so many different sounds in country music with that album. I can’t wait to hear he second album hopefully coming out sometime this Summer but for now we get her first single off it here! It’s call Biscuits and she say that it sets the table perfect for the new album! If your liking the song like I am, let her know on her twitter @KaceyMusgraves
Coming up second we have one of the songs off of what is going to be Luke Bryans LAST album!! Well… his last Spring Break album!! Yes Luke says that Checkin’ Out … Spring Break will be the final in his yearly Spring time releases. While there are no real singles that come from these albums, I’m really liking this one called My Ol’ Bronco! The new EP will be out March 10th!
Closing it out for this week, we are tapping some talent from right here in Northern California! I just found out about Toree McGee a few weeks ago thanks to John Kreuzer and my good friend Indiana Al at KRTY in San Jose! They were all over this young ladies debut single “Amen” and said I had to hear it! And what can I say… She is the first Northern California native to make it to the Monday Music Meeting! So give her a listen and then let her know what you think about it!! You can find her on Twitter @ToreeMcGee or on her website
Thanks so much for stopping by! As always we will back with you next week with 3 more new Country songs!! Be sure to like the show on soundcloud and follow me on Twitter to get the show as soon as they come out!!

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