Back at it... Again....

January 7, 2015

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So I started running, yeah again. Hopefully this time I will stick with it! I have 11 months and 6 days to get sexy for the wedding!
So I ran about a mile yesterday. Not bad since I havent ran in a few months! It was cold and it sucked! But I powered through. I’m not really setting a weight goal yet, just know I need to get back down to at least 15% body fat, which is a pretty hefty goal.
Trying to find a running app that works with my Samsung Gear S watch so that I dont have to run with my phone. The Nike app comes with it but dosent seem to work when its not near the phone. I also need to get a pair of wireless ear buds to use with it. Any suggestions?
Well Ill let you know how I fair with tomorrows run!

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