Monday Music Meeting #9 12/08/14

December 9, 2014

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Back at you with episode 9! This is the Monday Music Meeting! If you have been here before, thank you for coming on back and supporting new country music! If this is your first go round every Monday we bring you 3 new country songs from your favorite artists as well as artist that you may not have heard about that could become your next favorite artist!
Starting off this week, I’m bringing you another artist from North of the boarder! He goes by the name Dallas Smith and is definitely NOTHING new if you live in Canada! This guy has been putting out hits in Canada and is finally jumping the boarder to bring his sound to the states! He has worked with the boys of Florida Georgia Line and The Cadillac 3 writing and recording music and had his first US single for us now! The track is called “Wastin’ Gas” off his new CD called “Lifted” that is on iTunes right now for just $4.99! You can stalk, I mean follow him on the Twitter @DallasSmith or see more about him and get the link to the album at
These next guys are not newbies to the Monday Music Meeting making their debut on episode 2, but they are back with a new song and a new album! Sundy Best is back with their new single “Southern Boy” off their new album “Salvation City!” I got to check these guys out live a few weeks back and hang with them after the show. Kris and Nick are really chill folks that make good music! Seeing them live is definitely worth checking out! Go take a look at their videos at Be sure to check out the one for Lotta Love, simple video that always makes me laugh! They are on the Twitter too, @sundybest
Wrappin things up this week is a guy I stumbled across randomly, but I’m glad I did! Ricky Gunn is his name and he has already started carving out a spot in country music for himself opening for guys like Travis Tritt, Tyler Farr and Gary Allen. He’s got is debut single out for you now called “King of This Town” and it’s available on iTunes right now for less than a buck! Check him out on the Twitter @rickygunn1 or at his site

Boom another one done! Thank you so much for supporting new Country music and remember we do this every week so hit the subscribe button below on Soundcloud to get all the new country first!! You can always follow me on Twitter @jayrobertsradio and reach me on my Facebook,

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