Monday Music Meeting Episode 8 120114

December 2, 2014

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The beautiful thing about music, there is always new stuff coming out! That’s where we step in! Thank you for stopping by and supporting new country music!
Getting right into it this week first up is a Canadian Country music star who has made the move to Nashville. His name is Steven Lee Olsen and is already an established song writer, penning songs for the likes of Craig Morgan and The Judds just to name a few! He is ready to take Country Radio by storm with his debut single, its called “Raised on a Good Time.” You can pick it up on iTunes and you can reach out to him on his Twitter @stevenleeolsen
Coming up 2nd this week is the man who has strapped a rocket to his back and it FLYING up the Country music charts! His debut single went number one ridiculously fast! Of course I’m talking about Sam Hunt! His debut album has sold 100,000 copies and been streamed on Spotify over 4 million times! For his follow up single Sam has changed up the sound a little with the relesae of “Take Your Time.” He switches back and forth between poetry and singing in a hypnotizing way! You can let Sam know what you think about it on his twitter @SamHuntMusic PS I like this guy because he used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs!
Rounding out the Monday Music Meeting this week is new comer Logan Mize. You may have seen him on a commercial with Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere or on the TV series “Hart of Dixie. He is now ready to take his singing to the next level with the release of his first single “Can’t Get Away From a Good Time” LEt get his Twitter followers up and let him know what you think about the song you can reach him at @loganmize

So there is another episode in the books! Thank you so much for supporting new Country music and remember we do this every week so hit the subscribe button below on Soundcloud to get all the new country first!! You can always follow me on Twitter @jayrobertsradio and reach me on my Facebook,

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