Monday Music Meeting Episode 5 111014

November 11, 2014

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Welcome to episode 5 of the Monday Music Meeting! Every Monday we try to bring you new country music from the Artists that you love as well as some new folks that you may not know about yet! Normally we give you 3 new tracks a week, but tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and I have a bonus track this week that I felt was a perfect fit! So lets get to it!
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Starting off this week we have the “First Lady of Outlaw Country!” Her name is Nikki Lane and she is a perfect mixture of classic country sound meets modern attitude and lyrics. I randomly ran across this young lady and was hooked as soon as I heard her voice. She is kinda like Kacey Musgraves but with even more attitude! She definitly has the edgy lyrics but with a true classic country twang that will take you back! Go check her out on her website or on her Twitter @nikkilanemusic Her sophmore album, “All or Nothin'” is out now on all you favorite digital music sites!
Now this is a track off of what could be one of the most anticipated records of a long long time! The Legend is BACK! Garth Brooks is FINALLY releasing his new album “Man Against Machine” and we have a new track off of it for you! I chose this song because of Veteran’s Day. It’s called “All American Kid” You can pick up the new album starting Tuesday at Garth’s new digital music site or at Walmart! I dont know how you can reach Garth… he has no Twitter!
Coming in third this week is a new group that is hitting the road with Hunter Hays on his upcoming tour. The go by The Railers, and from the sound of their debut single and the way that everyone here at the station talked about them, these guys can jam! This is their debut single, “Kinda Dig the Feeling” YOu can check out everything about them on their webpage or their twitter @therailers
Now for the bonus song this week. In honor of Veteran’s Day I felt that this was a perfect time to bring this song back. We are stepping out of our normal new music format here, but this is a song that I feel that everyone should listen to. It’s by a great friend of mine, Joe Bachman. The song is called “A Soldiers Memoir, The PTSD song” and if you listen to it, especially if you or anyone you love has ever served our Nation I’m sure that this will hold a special place in you heart. You can check Joe out on his webpage or follow his Tweets @joebachman
And that will put a wrap on another week of the Monday Music Meeting! Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting new country music! As always you can reach me on facebook, on the Twitter @jayrobertsradio and of course the email we will do it again next week!

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