Monday Music Meeting #1

October 14, 2014

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Finally we have gotten this going! This is the first ever Monday Music Meeting! The goal here is to give you to new music from artists you already love as well as introduce you to new artists and groups.
First off is a group out of Texas named The Josh Abbott Band. These guys have been doing lots of big things in Texas and the surrounding states but we are just getting to know them out West. This track is real catchy and just a fun song! You can check out more about them here
Next off we have a new single off the brand new Florida Georgia Line album releasing this week! This one is Sun Daze and is right in line with a great sun to pop a cold one with your friends around a BBQ!
Last is a duo that I came across that have some really entertaining videos and even more entertaining music! Sundy Best! These guys are going to be in Northern California (Mill Valley) later this month and I think I’m making the trek out to see them! This is their latest single “I Wanna Go Home” Which is probably what they will be saying after they meet me! More info on Sundy Best including links to the videos here
So there is is, push play and turn it up! Let me know what you think about it! You can always reach me on the Twitter machine @jayrobertsradio on the facebook, or the email

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