But What Do I Call It...

September 16, 2014

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So I’m working on a new podcast that will bring you New music from your favorite artists and introduce new artist too! Trying to come up with the name right now…
The cool part is that I have been listening to a BUNCH of Great new music from artists that I have never been introduced to! So while I work on the name, here are a few new groups and songs that I think you’ll like!

Cant get this song out of my head! The Group is called Sundy Best. The song is I Wanna Go Home. Just 2 guys but their sound is really good

So I got introduced to this by someone on Twitter. His name is Blair Hanks, the song is “Get Weird” and ladies, I have a feeling your going to be drooling…

And last but not least gotta get a Female who’s voice knocked me on my ass! Nikki Lane has that “Real” country sound that people seem to be missing! Check this single Right Time!

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