The Fat Guy Chronicles... Week 3

June 20, 2014

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So I finished up my Gluten free diet on Sunday. The results, teamed with 2 weeks on Insanity, Not a damn pound lost! seriously! To top that I was told that my skin would magicly clear up and I would feel better! Well my skin got worse and the only thing I felt was the desire for a bowl of pasta! Honestly, thats looking at the worst of it. I did eat 2 pieces of pizza on Monday night and it did feel like a brick in my stomach for the next 12 hours. I am drinking my first Diet coke in 2 and a half weeks, (remember I gave up my beloved soda too) and for the first time that I can remember it dosent taste as refreshing as I remember!

So all things being the same, I think taking the gluten, soda and beer out for 2 weeks had helped get me in the right direction to lose weight. Now I just have to keep it in the right direction….

I am contemplating running the Sacramento Marathon in December! I havent ran in anything serious in 3 years and I think I might be able to run a mile if there was a bear chasing me right now! Anyone down to train with me and run in December on a team?

Here is my weight for the beging of week 3: 234.4 pounds…. No change from the start… 🙁

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