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June 11, 2014

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So I’m 8 days in on this Gluten Free diet and also 8 days in on Insanity. So here’s the deal so far:

Gluten Free: Honestly, I dont really feel much difference like I had heard about from a lot of people who have gone G.F. and boast about how they feel so amazing, but then again maybe I havn’t been on it long enough to really see the bennifets, which is why I’m doing at least 2 weeks!  I am addicted to Quinoa though! I’ll post this really good recipe I got later this week for a really good breakfast muffin!

Insanity: It’s the *#(%ing devil!!! man I hate Sean T…. But I am getting better! I can almost make it through the warm ups and I can at least do  a little of each exercise! I promised that I would post the very embarasing results of my fit test that I did last week so here you go… No laughing!

Switch kicks – 60

Jump Squats – 30

Power Knees – 45

Power Squats – 10

Globe Jumps – 6

Suicides – 5

Push Up Jacks – 20

Lower Plank Obliques – 7

And after doing this, I ran upstairs and lost my breakfast praying to the porcelain god! I’m recording part of my workout tomorrow for you to laugh at!

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