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June 6, 2014

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So I started my attempt to lose wight this week… Here are the steps that I have taken:

1. 2 week Gluten Free diet – I’m trying this to see if it really does have all of the “amazing powers” as I have heard so many people say.

2. No soda/beer – Before you say anything, I said beer, not alcohol! Although I haven’t drank any alcohol in the first 3 days of the diet, I’m sure I will have a few adult beverages this weekend! As for as soda, I drink way too much and I know it!

3. Started Insanity… I’ll get to this in a few….

So let me give you a few stats…

Weight on 6/2/14 : 234 lbs

I got a slight sprain in my lower back 2 months ago while I was working out trying to put on more muscle, well when I got hurt and couldn’t work out, that new muscle quickly became fat!

On Monday, the first day of all of this, I woke up and made a 3 egg/ cheese/ turkey baked thing. Tasted good and no gluten. Here comes the problem… 45 minutes later I decide its time to do day one of Insanity, the Fit Test. Well, lets just say that my numbers on my initial test are going to be easy to improve on, because after the warm up I kept wanting to throw up! Well I got through the fit test, kinda, and layed there for 5 minutes. Then with a new found energy, I got up and ran to the bathroom where I was reintroduced to my breakfast! Definitely not as good coming back up!

So first lesson learned, don’t eat big meal before Insanity! I will post my fit test results tomorrow!



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