A Year in the Life

February 7, 2014

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A year ago this morning I was woken up by Mike Allen and my boss with a phone call. It was literally the call that I had dreamed about since I was twelve,  when I dreamed about being on the radio more than anything else, always thought that it was just a crazy dream.

A year later and it feels like it has been a crazy dream. This has honestly been one of the greatest years of my life and I really owe it to YOU the Late Nighters! If it wasn’t for all of the love and support that you have shown not just me, but the whole 1019 The Wolf family none of us would be here! YOU are what makes all of this happen. YOU are the reason that I am getting to live out my dreams, and honestly I can’t put into words how much I truly appreciate that and try to live up to any expectations every day!

I’ve been blessed with some AMAZING experiences in the past 12 months. The ACM awards was definitely a highlight! But I gotta say that the best part is all of the great people I have gotten to meet and become friends with. Some really cool record reps, like Dave, Roger, and Pleshi. Had the opportunity to meet and get to know some up and coming artist that are real genuine guys like Dylan Scott, Joel Crouse, Eric Paslay and Austin Webb! But honestly, the folks that I have met at shows, The Grad, van stops or just random places have been amazing! And that is because Country music fans truly are the best!

I want to try not to drag this out real far, but I just want to thank a few people that have gotten me here! The bosses that let me do this, Tosh, Country Cholo and Mike Allen! Of course the Wolf Extreme Team! The Entravision fam! Danny Cee for being my DJ on this crazy idea we call the Late Night Roundup, and for letting me do my thing at The Grad in Davis! How about the Whole Grad staff and everyone that comes out there every Saturday and play the stupid games that I come up with! The Players Fam who keep me in check! And to my friends and family, especially Lyd, Megan, Jay, Nikki, and my “Big Bro” you guys have all supported me and I love you for it!!

So I just wanted to say thank you, I truly feel blessed to do what I love for a living and try to give back everything that you put in with your love and support! I am proud to be part of country radio and very proud to call 101.9 The Wolf my home!

“You could have been anywhere in the world, but your here with me, and I appreciate that!”

Jay Roberts

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