Day 24 FFF PBR Tix

January 30, 2014

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So I had to wake up early Tuesday to go pick my truck up from the shop before school so I couldn’t make my egg burrito so I just had a protein shake instead but that really didn’t fill me up so much. Luckily I remembered to pack my lunch box the night before! These little wraps that I’ve been making are awesome! I take a little tortilla and toss in some salami and turkey and a slice of cheese! They definitely help me get through my school days! So another day in the books, and…

Alex Emmons 1/28/2014
Sami Flores 1/28/2014

No bull for you! Man baring something major tomorrow… I am in the clear!!! Only 1 person picked tomorrow and 7 more had the faith that I would make it through!!!

So close…..

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