Days 20,21,22 FFF PBR Tix

January 28, 2014

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Well now, the weekend has come and gone… Friday was a breeze, however Saturday I found myself driving to the Bay after my workout to see family…. needless to say that it was very hard to drink my protein shake over stopping at any number of fast food joints along the way! But luckily, the fam was waiting on me to go to dinner so I was able to push on! Sunday, was all about cooking again! So no problem there! So…..

Megan Hinde 1/24/2014
Alicia Sue Rice 1/24/2014
Jessica Claus 1/24/2014
Rachel Hanson-Piedra 1/24/2014
Brandi Pulos 1/25/2014
Johna Holt Pierce 1/25/2014
Brenda Cotty 1/25/2014
Emily Geiszler 1/26/2014
Kaytie Rizzo 1/26/2014
Michelle Marie 1/26/2014
Sarah Beth Deaton 1/26/2014
Juanesha Valdez 1/26/2014
Marrisa Morales 1/26/2014

I wish you luck with Boomer and Mike Allen this week! They both still have your chance at tickets!!

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