Day 17 FFF PBR Tix

January 23, 2014

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So… the first day of school…. the day that many people felt that my will would be crushed and I would fail…. Welll my will is crushed as I’m taking Microeconomics, Stats, English Writing Lit, a couple of computer classes, and a photo class (actually excited about that one!) But my will to eat fast food was stomped out with ┬áthe purchase of a new lunch box!! Can I just say that I was VERY dissapointed that I could not find a He-Man lunch box!! (for everyone born in the 90’s He-Man was our Power Rangers…) That being said I ate really good yesterday! Made nice little snacks to get me through the day! So….

Carole Pratt McCoy 1/21/2014
Cody Raber 1/21/2014
Emily Bower 1/21/2014
Jorge Gabriela Barbara 1/21/2014
Raymond Porter 1/21/2014
Teri Hensley 1/21/2014

I would suggest that you listen closly tonight and be caller 101 because my non He-Man lunch box has pushed me to another day!!! Now I just have to actually remember to keep packing and bringing it!

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