Days 14, 15, 16 FFF PBR Tix...

January 22, 2014

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So I couldnt log in to this last night so I have the details for Sat, Sun, and Mon!

So Saturday is actually kinda eaisier that I thought they would be, I work at the station from 10am to 3pm and then I’m at THe Grad at night so I dont really have any time to eat the fast food!! So I made it past Saturday no problems!! So…

Brittaniy Carroll 1/18/2014
Margaret Wittman 1/18/2014

The only way I’m getting you into PBE is if your caller 101 tonight!

Sunday, well, I go shopping and cook my meals for the week so no need of fast food here!!! I did eat way too much though! You know I had to sample everything that I was making!!! Then I drank lots of beer watching football and ate delicious pork shanks from Players Pub in Fair Oaks…. SO good! Not so good for

Daniel Fernandez 1/19/2014
Emily Domenici 1/19/2014
Joshua Ackerman 1/19/2014
Tim Fraser 1/19/2014

And yesterday… Well I had all the food I made from Sunday to chow down on! MMMMMMMM Spaghetti!! I so love you… however I think that this person has no love for me right this moment…

Brenda Rodriguez 1/20/2014

Well the good news folk is that I have a pair of PBR tickets coming up for you tonight!! And the better news for those of you still in the running… school started today!!!


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