Day 12 FFF PBR Tix

January 18, 2014

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Day 12 already? Wow 12 is my lucky number, however it was not a lucky number for these folks!

Alexis Martinez 1/16/2014
Dallas Valencia 1/16/2014
Kelly Hauge 1/16/2014

Another day bites the dust! Wasnt feelin so good in the morning so no gym for me… yup lazy guy!

Been a odd week for breakfasts… woke up and ate the last of my beer can chicken and garlic mashed potatoes! Yeah everyone at the station loved me for that one! Then it was just a couple quinoa and steak burritos and greek yogurt all day… I really need to get my calories up if I’m gonna get my beefcake mussels on!! LOL!

So now its on to my friend the weekend… and there is the Niner game on Sunday, and I packed up my BBQ utensils….. What will the weekend bring?!?!?!? Well there are 10 of you who are hoping failure!!! LOL!

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