Day 11 FFF PBR Tix

January 17, 2014

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So…. I had to go to Costco first thing as I smelled those polish dogs….  All I can say is…. I’m so glad it was lunch time and there was a LOOOOONG line because I was ready to pull out my $1.50! But after that almost mishap, I again went fast food free for one more day!! SO….

Gabrielle Sankey 1/15/2014

No bulls or cowboys in tight jeans for you!

So my menu was a little random on Wednesday though, I woke up and wanted some mexican food… Dont judge me! So I had a mulito (prob spelled that wrong…) then got a new orange creamsicle flavored protein shake which tasted pretty good, but Im thinking I’ll get burned out on it since I bought the big 5lb tub! had my last pesto chicken with quinoa pasta… really dont like that pasta… then some cold beer can chicken leftovers when I got off! And I was on a greek yogurt mission yesterday  ate 3 of them!

So onward we go… 2 days in a row I almost slipped…

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