Day 9 FFF PBR tickets

January 15, 2014

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So Monday came and went, and it went without fast food!!! So….

Alexandra Galvan 1/13/2014
Samantha Ramacher 1/13/2014
Spring Amy 1/13/2014
Jenny Wheeler 1/13/2014

You all are eliminated from the contest!! The best part about yesterday was that I didnt even have a soda! And that is big for me! Breakfast was the same as normal 5 egg buritto Then for lunch we went with a steak and quinoa burrito, then for dinner, tried something different, had pesto chicken with quinoa made pasta. Decided to try the pasta since I liked the regular quinoa, not so good…. I am not a fan of this new pasta, texture was weird, and taste seemed off. Besides that I has a couple protein shakes, my string cheese and my $3 a day habbit that is greek yogurt..

So FYI, on top of school starting a week from today, looks like I’ll be moving in the next week! (Fingers Crossed) But anyone who has moved knows how easy it is to stay away from fast food….


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