Day 6,7,8 FFF PBR tickets

January 14, 2014

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So I’m not going to lie and say that I remember exactally what I ate this weekend because about 3 cases of beer ago (Friday) I thought I would just be able to remember what I ate…  Yeah not so much…. That being said, none of it was Fast Food!! Which means….

Randy Clark 1/8/2014
Benjamin Collins 1/9/2014
Cole McNally 1/10/2014
Crystal Haney 1/10/2014
Stephanie Nichole Bryant 1/10/2014
Melisa McBride 1/10/2014
Anita Ollero 1/10/2014
Jennifer Abston McGuckin 1/12/2014

You all lose for having no faith in my commitment!!!

I did make a beer can chicken on Sunday and if you have never had the wonderfulness of a beer can chicken you are seriously making bad life decisions!! So we are still o




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