Day 4.. FFF for PBR tickets

January 10, 2014

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So yesterday I pulled up to get my hair did, and I parked in front of Round Table…. and that all you can eat deal was SOOOOO hard to walk away from!! But, I did!! Ha!

So at the end of this entry I’m putting everyones guesses, make sure I put your guess in correctly!

As far as food yesterday: B-fast 5 egg  & turkey burrito, after workout protein shake, lunch more of the quinoa enchalata (I think I’m almost out!) dinner, steak and quinoa burrito. Snacks – I think 3 string cheese things, 2 greek yogurts, and I may have eatin half of a thing of half baked ice cream after 4 bud light platinums….. not sure how that help grow muscle but if you do let me know!! LOL!

Getting a little worried about this weekend… Lots to do not alot of time to eat not fast food!!!!

Here are all of your guesses! SO Randy your OUT!!! Thanks for believing!!!!

Name Date
Randy Clark 1/8/2014
Benjamin Collins 1/9/2014
Cole McNally 1/10/2014
Crystal Haney 1/10/2014
Stephanie Nichole Bryant 1/10/2014
Melisa McBride 1/10/2014
Anita Ollero 1/10/2014
Jennifer Abston McGuckin 1/12/2014
Alexandra Galvan 1/13/2014
Samantha Ramacher 1/13/2014
Spring Amy 1/13/2014
Jenny Wheeler 1/13/2014
Chloe Denault 1/14/2014
Gabrielle Sankey 1/15/2014
Alexis Martinez 1/16/2014
Dallas Valencia 1/16/2014
Kelly Hauge 1/16/2014
Maria Alfaro 1/17/2014
Carrie Parks 1/17/2014
Jessica Dunn 1/17/2014
Sarena Linton 1/17/2014
Brittaniy Carroll 1/18/2014
Margaret Wittman 1/18/2014
Daniel Fernandez 1/19/2014
Emily Domenici 1/19/2014
Joshua Ackerman 1/19/2014
Tim Fraser 1/19/2014
Brenda Rodriguez 1/20/2014
Carole Pratt McCoy 1/21/2014
Cody Raber 1/21/2014
Emily Bower 1/21/2014
Jorge Gabriela Barbara 1/21/2014
Raymond Porter 1/21/2014
Teri Hensley 1/21/2014
Courtney Greenmyer 1/22/2014
Nicole Cook 1/22/2014
Rickandshannon Furiosi 1/22/2014
Alita Patterson 1/23/2014
Kassi Branaugh 1/23/2014
Tiffany Willis 1/23/2014
Megan Hinde 1/24/2014
Alicia Sue Rice 1/24/2014
Jessica Claus 1/24/2014
Rachel Hanson-Piedra 1/24/2014
Brandi Pulos 1/25/2014
Johna Holt Pierce 1/25/2014
Brenda Cotty 1/25/2014
Emily Geiszler 1/26/2014
Kaytie Rizzo 1/26/2014
Michelle Marie 1/26/2014
Sarah Beth Deaton 1/26/2014
Juanesha Valdez 1/26/2014
Marrisa Morales 1/26/2014
Brenna DeMello 1/27/2014
Rachel LoBue 1/27/2014
Alex Emmons 1/28/2014
Sami Flores 1/28/2014
Ashley Ortiz 1/30/2014
Tara Tobias 1/31/2014
Megan Soracco 1/31/2014
Cherri Amanda Gardner 2/1/2014
Tami Welch 2/1/2014
Taya Tarango 2/1/2014
Erica Wullenwaber 2/1/2014
Rob Sutton 2/1/2014

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