Day 2 No Fast Food PBR

January 8, 2014

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So here is the update from Monday… No Fast Food!! LOL! I’ve made it 2 days!

If you havnt already, you have until Wednesday to put in what day you think I will crack and eat Fast Food. Also since I didnt say you had until Wednesday to choose, if you picked a date yesterday, and want to change it you can until tomorrow and the the guesses will be locked. All of the details on what I’m doing are in yesterdays blog here:

So we also need to decide if places like ToGo’s and Chipotle are considered fast food and Dominos and little Cezars probably are, but if I get say a Chicago Fire pizza is that? …. Let me know! We will go with the popular vote!

So what did I eat yesterday?

B-Fast- chicken/qunioa enchalata. After workout protein shake. Lunch- Quinoa and chicken. Dinner – Quinoa and the slow cooker pesto and ranch chicken stuff that sounded weird but was really good! Snacks – Couple things of string cheese, thing of greek yougrt, half a bag of low-fat pop corn.

I remembered to take pics today so I’ll post them tomorrow with today’s log!

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