Most Annoying Words/Phrases of 2013

December 28, 2013

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Well… I would have thought this list was outdated, but apparently acording to the Marist Poll, the most annoying word or phrase of the year, for the fifth year in a row, is…. What-ever!

Seems a little dated, what do you think is the most annoying thing to say this year? Let me know and around 1030 I’llrandomly choose someone to get into the Wolf’s NYE party on Tuesday!

Here is the top 5

1.  “Whatever” . . . 38% of us find it annoying, compared to 32% last year.

2.  “Like” . . . 22%.

3.  “You know” . . . 18%.

4.  “Just sayin'” . . . 14%.

5.  “Obviously” . . . which annoys 6% of people, and was the only NEW phrase to make the list this year.  (Last year, number five was “Twitterverse”.)

taken from the Marist Poll

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