What is your time (and comfort) worth?

November 23, 2013

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So there are ALREADY people camping out for the Black Friday deals!!!! This may be worse than the stores that have already started with the Christmas music as soon as Halloween was over, ok maybe nothing is worse than that…

Anyways… I try to stay away from the mall on Black Friday, (I used to work at the Roseville Galleria, hated it!) but I do wonder what it would take you to camp out for a week? Is there anything like x amount of dollars off a blank? I’m pretty sure we would all do it for a million dollars, but what is your time worth or what have you done it for???

Let me know here on my blog! Around 1030 I’ll pick a random winner for a Dingus McGee’s Roadhouse gift card that you don’t have to camp out for!!

4 Things I would camp out for….

1. An interest rate that is at least half of my 21% I have now on my truck!

2. Diamond Level seats at Yankee Stadium for the World Series for bleacher prices

3. A trip to Tahiti staying in an overwater bungalow for a price I could afford… (which ain’t much, see #1)

4. A truck full of Toys for Toys for Tots…. (Might have to make this one happen this year!!!)

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