You have just five words....

November 22, 2013

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We all have something that makes our blood boil, in ONLY 5 WORDS Tell me what pisses you off more than anything!

Around 1030 tonight I will try to brighten someones night picking a random winner to score a Dingus McGee’s Roadhouse gift card! Reply here on the blog!!!

Here are some good ones to get you going!

1.  Arguing with the willfully ignorant

2.  Borrowers who break your belongings.

3.  Supermarket 15 items lane abuse.

4.  “Why don’t you calm down?”

5.  Click your pen again, jackass.

6.  People always on their phone.

7.  A false sense of entitlement.

8.  “How’s the job search going?”

9.  People who spoil the ending.

10.  Hashtags in front of everything.

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