Men VS Women

November 19, 2013

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Well this is bad news.  According to a new survey, only 28% of married women say they’re DEFINITELY with “the one.”  31% say they’re definitely NOT with “the one.”  Ouch.

In other words, the odds are better that your wife thinks you’re NOT “the one”.

Men are much, much more likely to believe they’re with “the one.”  69% of men say they’re definitely with “the one” . . . almost three times more than women.  Only 4% say they’re definitely NOT.

Here’s another way to look at it:  Women are EIGHT times more likely than men to say they KNOW they’re not with the one.

The study didn’t speculate on WHY.  We’re thinking it’s because there’s still pressure from society on women to get married ASAP . . . so some women SETTLE too quickly.

On the bright side, 83% of women say they wouldn’t CHEAT on their husband, even if “the one” came along.

The FIVE SIGNS you know you’re with “the one” are:  You’re still attracted to them, you think of them as your best friend, they make you laugh, you agree on important family decisions, and you’re proud of each other’s accomplishments.

Taken from Daily Mail

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