September 10, 2013

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This just gave me a warm feeling inside! I’m all for freedom of speech, (It’s kinda a big part of my industry!) But really these people take free speech to the point of pushing their views on to other people whether they want them or not! And if getting divorced is a ticket to hell…. well, heavens got to have a lot of room because me and 75% of the rest of America aren’t gonna be able to get in!!

Vince Gill didn’t appreciate having his concert picketed by members of the Westboro Baptist Church — and he let them know it in no uncertain terms.

The legendary country singer-songwriter and guitarist was performing at Kaufman Center in Kansas City on Sunday night (Sept. 8). The protesters were set up outside, carrying signs that decried Gill for his alleged sins. According to the group’s philosophy, Gill’s divorce from his first wife, Janis Oliver, and subsequent second marriage to Christian singer Amy Grant constitutes adultery.

The singer was caught on video as he confronted the group on the sidewalk. “I just came to see what hate looked like,” he said.

Gill was visibly angry, but held himself back throughout the exchange as one group member harangued him about his marriage. ‘Don’t you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery?” she taunted him.

“Don’t you know that you f—ers are lucky that you don’t have a sign that says something about my wife?” Gill replied.

When she said,  “Jesus Christ said that,” Gill didn’t hesitate. “Did he?” he demanded. “You know what else he said? He said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace . . . you guys don’t have any of it.”

Turning toward another protester, Gill said, “I’ve seen you on TV man, you’re a big dip—-. You know that, don’t you?”

Gill apparently performed his show later that evening without further incident.

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