Brad and LL team up to sing an end to racism!! (LOL)

April 16, 2013

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You know you’re a big celebrity when “Saturday Night Live” pokes fun of you, right? So we’re hoping Brad Paisley, with his notoriously great sense of humor, isn’t too offended by a sketch on Saturday’s (April 13) episode that mocked his “Accidental Racist” duet with LL Cool J. (Watch it below.)

On the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, Kenan Thompson took on the role of the iconic rapper, while Jason Sudeikis played the country superstar. (Perhaps that’s where LL and Brad got their own laughs, as the impersonations were pretty poor!) The two comedians joined anchor Seth Meyers to defend the controversial song, with Kenan starting their interview declaring, “Racism’s over, y’all!”

That was followed by some low blows. For instance, after “Brad” says he was trying to tell a true story of “gritty racial reality” in the song, “LL” explains he was “trying to tell the story of a rapper who needs to get his name out there because he has a new album about to drop.” Then the two admit they “spent 11 minutes writing the song,” and go on to reveal a verse they cut out. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” sketch below.


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