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Jul 24

My Epic Pig Roast!

So last weekend I was finally able to check something off my bucket list that I have wanted to do for years, a whole pig roast! Now let me say that if you are squeamish, don’t look any further! I am going to post some pick of the roast! So I have had tons of questions about where I learned about this and so on, so I” give everyone all the places that I got my info from!

So the first question I kept getting was, “Where did you get a whole pig? Well I did a search online for whole hog Northern California. I found a few places around here and started calling. I wound up using Dee’s Meats, located in Galt. Bob helped me out and got exactly what I needed and prepped the pig for me.

So before all that happened though, I had to do some research on it! (Gotta love Google!) I found 2 web sites that had the best info that I could find.

Between these 2 sites I learned a lot about the roast, including how to build my roaster and other great pointers!

So back to my actual roast, I built my roaster about a week before the roast to get it out of the way. Next I built the grills/stretchers the week of. I picked the pig up on Saturday morning. When I got it home I finished prepping it by cutting off the silver skin inside and then injecting the meat with a brine. After that I put on a rub that I got off of the site. then I salted the skin and put him on ice till the morning!

The morning of, I got up at 6:30 and started getting everything together. I started the charcoal at about 7:15 and woke up my “helper” Miles. We got the pig on the stretchers, and clamped it shut. Maxwell, as we started calling the pig, went on the grill at exactly 8am.

At 9am, I opened my first beer!

8 hours, (and a bunch of beer) later, Maxwell was registering done in all areas! We pulled him off, let him rest for about 20 minutes, and then I started shredding up the meat to the delight of the now 60+ people that had gathered at my house! ( I actually heard it was more but I didn’t have time to count!)

Overall I think that the pig turned out great, and no one got sick, well at least not from the pig! I had a blast doing it and even more fun getting to hang out with all of my friends and family.

The lesson here is, when you really want to learn how to do something, just research the hell out of it, save up and do it! I’m so happy I finally got to do this if it would have failed, I had the pizza place on speed dial!


Jul 11


Garth Brooks was a huge reason that I started listening to Country music back in the 90s. Shameless has been one of my favorite songs since I first heard it and on my 18th birthday, just hours after I watch Garth live on stage the night before, I got Shameless tattooed on my arm in a shamrock! So I am a very happy fan of Country music when I saw the news today that Garth has signed a new record deal with a new single coming soon, album due out in November, and of course a WORLD TOUR to follow!!

Image from The Winn Hotel and Casino 

Garth Brooks confirmed rumors of a new album and world tour at a press conference in Nashville Thursday (July 10).

The superstar — who retired for nearly a dozen years to raise his children, performing only sporadically and releasing just a handful of singles — announced a new record deal with Sony Music.

His longtime producer, Allen Reynolds, has retired, and Mark Miller is stepping in to produce the new project, which has no release date as yet. The album will be released through a partnership of Pearl Records and RCA Nashville.

Brooks also announced that he will finally make his music available digitally.

“That will begin within the next two to three weeks,” he stated. But he’s still not going to partner with iTunes, which he has long resisted. Instead, his music will be available digitally exclusively at his official website for now.

The singerr did not reveal the dates for his upcoming world tour, but did confirm that a tour is coming. He will announce the first date on July 14.

In response to a question from reporters, Brooks said he would still try to work out the five comeback shows he canceled in Ireland after the Dublin City Council refused to grant licenses for two of them, but that it would require a higher official getting involved to reverse the decision of the city manager.

“With a simple ‘Yes,’ you can make 400,000 people happy,” he reflected.

No title has been announced for the new album, but Brooks revealed it will be a double album, and is likely to be released around Black Friday in November. The first single will be revealed in the next month.

Brooks has previously stated the upcoming tour will feature new music, and could last as long as three years.

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Jun 26

The Fat Guy Chronicles – Week 4

So Sean T and I have broken up! I’m off the Insanity kick! I’m back to running! Starting with at least 4 times a week for 1.5 to 2.5 miles. My goal is to be able to run in the Sacramento Marathon in December! It’s a BIG goal I know and the most I have ever run was the Urbanathalon in SF 3 years ago, also right about the last time I ran! LOL!

I think I’m going to use the Nike Running app to track my progress unless someone has a better idea! Once I get it all set up I will post my info if you want to make fun of my progress! LOL!

Jun 25

Kip Moore Goes in on Ticket Scalpers, Selfies, & Gas Prices

Kip is on of my favorite artists before I read this. I’ve been able to meet him a few times and he is the perfect example of a regular down to Earth dude. Now he is taking on 3 things that I can’t stand, ticket scalpers, taking selfies, and gas prices! Now he has solidified himself as one of my favorites! check out the story reported by

Kip Moore is sounding off about something he is angry about — ticket scalpers. The ‘Dirt Road’ singer wrote a hand-written letter, expressing his frustration with scalpers, which he posted on his Facebook page.

“I watched my dad bust his ass for not a lot of money while supporting 6 kids until we were able to take care of ourselves,” he begins. “From 18 to 31 I lived paycheck to paycheck working a lot of long hour jobs for very little pay. I know what it’s like to live on a strict budget and wish you had funds to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, daughter, son etc. to a show or a game but you just can’t afford to.”

The 34-year-old goes on to share that his own humble beginnings are the reason he keeps his ticket prices so low.

In the long letter, Moore shares a few things that upset him, including Congress, rising gas prices, selfies, political correctness and more.

“But above all, the thing that pisses me off the most is scalpers,” Moore writes. “I could sit back and ignore it, because I know it’s a losing battle, but I just can’t do that. People are trying everyday to fix this problem, but it’s a difficult task. I’ve recently been told that it looks as if some people who bought the pre-sale tickets are turning around and putting them up on different sites for much steeper prices.”

The 34-year-old urges his fans to buy the tickets as quickly as possible, to avoid them getting into scalpers’ hands, before addressing the scalpers directly.

“To those of you scalping,” he concludes, “I understand doing whatever you can to make a dollar. I also understand there are ethical ways of making that dollar. Twist it however you want to make it to seem like what you’re doing is ok, but it’s not. I want to always keep prices low, so don’t be a d—.”

Moore isn’t the only country artist who has spoken out against ticket scalpers. Eric Church has also expressed his outrage over the system, going so far as to re-sell seats purchased by scalpers to “make it harder for them to remain in operation.”

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Jun 20

The Fat Guy Chronicles… Week 3

So I finished up my Gluten free diet on Sunday. The results, teamed with 2 weeks on Insanity, Not a damn pound lost! seriously! To top that I was told that my skin would magicly clear up and I would feel better! Well my skin got worse and the only thing I felt was the desire for a bowl of pasta! Honestly, thats looking at the worst of it. I did eat 2 pieces of pizza on Monday night and it did feel like a brick in my stomach for the next 12 hours. I am drinking my first Diet coke in 2 and a half weeks, (remember I gave up my beloved soda too) and for the first time that I can remember it dosent taste as refreshing as I remember!

So all things being the same, I think taking the gluten, soda and beer out for 2 weeks had helped get me in the right direction to lose weight. Now I just have to keep it in the right direction….

I am contemplating running the Sacramento Marathon in December! I havent ran in anything serious in 3 years and I think I might be able to run a mile if there was a bear chasing me right now! Anyone down to train with me and run in December on a team?

Here is my weight for the beging of week 3: 234.4 pounds…. No change from the start… :(

Jun 19

MY NEW FAVORITE FAMILY! This is how to vacation!


SALEM, N.H. (AP) — Five members of a Vermont family assaulted police officers during a melee that erupted when security guards at a New Hampshire amusement park told them to leave their knives in the car, police said Tuesday.

The fracas started at about 1:30 p.m. Monday when the Perry family tried to enter Canobie Lake Park in Salem. Some of the family members had knives on their belts and were told they couldn’t bring them into the park, police said.

The family became belligerent and eventually two Salem officers responded to quell the disturbance. The family became more irate, yelling profanities at the officers in front of other visitors, police said.

After several verbal warnings, an officer told one man he was under arrest and tried to handcuff him, leading to the fight that included people jumping on the backs of the officers, punching, kicking and grabbing for their weapons, police said. Two officers were injured, including one who was treated at a hospital for a dislocated shoulder.

As backup officers arrived, the mother of the family faked a seizure, police said. She was examined by paramedics and released at the scene.

Those arrested included Joshua Perry, 23, of Sutton, Vermont, who was charged with felony riot, resisting arrest with serious injury, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Brian Perry, 18, of Lyndonville, was charged with felony riot, assault and resisting arrest. E. Allan Perry, 45, of Lyndon, was charged with felony riot, felony assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. All three were held on $10,000 cash bail, assigned a public defender and scheduled to return to court on June 25.

Damian Perry, 18, of Lyndonville, was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. Ashley Perry, 20, of Sutton, was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. Each was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond. It could not immediately be determined if they had lawyers.

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(Copyright 2014, KRON 4 and the Associated Press, All rights reserved.)

Jun 11

Fat guy update..

So I’m 8 days in on this Gluten Free diet and also 8 days in on Insanity. So here’s the deal so far:

Gluten Free: Honestly, I dont really feel much difference like I had heard about from a lot of people who have gone G.F. and boast about how they feel so amazing, but then again maybe I havn’t been on it long enough to really see the bennifets, which is why I’m doing at least 2 weeks!  I am addicted to Quinoa though! I’ll post this really good recipe I got later this week for a really good breakfast muffin!

Insanity: It’s the *#(%ing devil!!! man I hate Sean T…. But I am getting better! I can almost make it through the warm ups and I can at least do  a little of each exercise! I promised that I would post the very embarasing results of my fit test that I did last week so here you go… No laughing!

Switch kicks – 60

Jump Squats – 30

Power Knees – 45

Power Squats – 10

Globe Jumps – 6

Suicides – 5

Push Up Jacks – 20

Lower Plank Obliques – 7

And after doing this, I ran upstairs and lost my breakfast praying to the porcelain god! I’m recording part of my workout tomorrow for you to laugh at!

Jun 6

Getting Strong now!

So I started my attempt to lose wight this week… Here are the steps that I have taken:

1. 2 week Gluten Free diet – I’m trying this to see if it really does have all of the “amazing powers” as I have heard so many people say.

2. No soda/beer – Before you say anything, I said beer, not alcohol! Although I haven’t drank any alcohol in the first 3 days of the diet, I’m sure I will have a few adult beverages this weekend! As for as soda, I drink way too much and I know it!

3. Started Insanity… I’ll get to this in a few….

So let me give you a few stats…

Weight on 6/2/14 : 234 lbs

I got a slight sprain in my lower back 2 months ago while I was working out trying to put on more muscle, well when I got hurt and couldn’t work out, that new muscle quickly became fat!

On Monday, the first day of all of this, I woke up and made a 3 egg/ cheese/ turkey baked thing. Tasted good and no gluten. Here comes the problem… 45 minutes later I decide its time to do day one of Insanity, the Fit Test. Well, lets just say that my numbers on my initial test are going to be easy to improve on, because after the warm up I kept wanting to throw up! Well I got through the fit test, kinda, and layed there for 5 minutes. Then with a new found energy, I got up and ran to the bathroom where I was reintroduced to my breakfast! Definitely not as good coming back up!

So first lesson learned, don’t eat big meal before Insanity! I will post my fit test results tomorrow!



Apr 23

Now I’m ready for my 5k this weekend….

Sometimes we just need to get smacked in the face to get off our lazy butts! I’ve been wanting to get back into running but thats all I’ve been wanting to do… Then my room mate came home last Sunday, he’s running a 5k out of the blue this Sunday and I said I would do it. So I needed a little motivation, I found this! Hope it moves you to do something you have been wanting to do!

Apr 9

I love SF…. But this guy does make some valid points….


Written by: Dave Schilling and Jules Suzdaltsev

Photo via Flickr User Alberto Garcia

2014 is slowly turning into the “Year of San Francisco.” The East Coast media in America has anointed SF as the new hub for innovation, conspicuous consumption, and comically absurd rentsNew York Magazine parachuted a bunch of reporters into the Bay Area to figure out how to steal their douchebags back. The article asked “Is San Francisco New York?” No, it’s much worse. The existential crisis around San Francisco’s ascension to the heights of assholery stands in stark contrast to the fact that it is damn near unlivable for most normal people.

The end is nigh for a city that used to be a magnet for the counter-culture. San Francisco was strangled, so we decided to go over the numerous causes of death.

Photo via Flickr User Jay Galvin

Everyone Worth a Damn Is Moving to Oakland

San Francisco used to be that place you moved to if you were too weird for LA, but too lazy for New York. It was a perfect city to ply your trade as a quirky motherfucker with a penchant for “edgy performance art” and whimsical scarves. That was just dandy. We liked that.

Around every corner, there could be an anarchist bookshop or a dude covered in glitter, wearing a Spongebob t-shirt, and sporting a raging hard-on. Where did that San Francisco go? Across the fucking bridge, that’s where.

Oakland is cheaper than San Francisco (but not by much), it’s close to Berkeley’s cultural gravity, and it’s just a BART trip away from what’s left of SF’s relevance. It’s also an industrial wasteland full of crime and Raider fans. You might ask yourself, What happened to San Francisco’s iconoclastic spirit…? Well, in two simple words:

Photo via Flickr User Tech Cocktail

Tech Bros

There’s always been a bourgeois element to San Francisco that we all just ignored. The landed gentry of Nob Hill, Pac Heights, and Sea Cliff have always been there. They have owned their home for years, love wearing fleece sweaters, own nothing but real wood furniture, and are the type of people who tool around McCovey Cove in their yachts during Giants games. They are from a different planet and don’t mingle with the plebs. They have their world of brandy snifters, champagne flutes, cheese tastings, and obscure European automobiles. They honestly don’t care what you think.

The tech bro, on the other hand, seeks to engage in city life. They go to the same bars you do. They eat at the same restaurants. They badly want to be accepted as “cool,” while also having more money than you and getting chauffeured to work in a free corporate bus. Their insistence on trying to infiltrate the real San Francisco has pretty much killed the real San Francisco. Dolores Park, once a safe haven for burnouts to drink 40s and smoke weed at 2:30 PM on a Tuesday, is now the world’s biggest networking event for dudes who wear khakis to the gym.

In New York, Wall Street people know they’re pricks. In Los Angeles, Hollywood people are too stupid to know they’re pricks. In San Francisco, tech bros think they’re saving the world with their crackpot schemes aka “start-ups.” They’re the fucking worst.

Photo via Flickr User Shawn Whisenant

16th + Mission

The intersection of 16th and Mission—home to a bustling BART station and breeding ground for MS-13 gang activity— is where some 1970s dystopian vision of pre-Giuliani Manhattan has finally found a home. Remember that crazy naked black guy doing backflips and attacking commuters at a subway station? That was here.

Photo via Flickr User Tom Caswell

Dog Shit on the Sidewalk

These urban IEDs are everywhere, constantly threatening your ability to have a normal walk in a city that basically forces you to be a pedestrian. Also, everyone’s got a dog now, which means they gotta shit somewhere.

Photo via Flickr User CasparGirl

Too Many Stores Are Cash Only

Don’t pull out a credit card to buy your bespoke iPhone case. Save that shit for ETSY. This is San Francisco, the home of the shopkeeper too lazy/cheap to get a card reader. “Oh, we’re so edgy that we don’t take credit cards! We’re sticking it to the evil banks!” I have a crippling nicotine addiction and don’t care about your principles.

Photo via Flickr User Matt Lemmon

Haight-Ashbury Street Kids

Remember how we were saying we missed San Francisco’s “local color”? Well, there’s a dark side to that, and it’s not concerned with the cost of rent. The stinky weirdoes who beg for change and scream profanities at anyone who looks too “normal” will never leave San Francisco. The parks, bus benches, and gutters are their home. Their only calling is to ruin your day. We don’t even hate hippies that much. We’re all just trying to get by, and hippies are occasionally creative or interesting. The street kids in Haight-Ashbury don’t produce anything other than contempt. They’re mean to everyone, and aren’t shy about expressing themselves. They’re so shitty that if you give them leftovers from a restaurant, you might want to be sure they don’t spit the food back in your face and piss on your leg.

Photo via Flickr User David J. Laporte

Fisherman’s Wharf

This shit should fall into the ocean. It’s easy to pick on a tourist trap, but to be fair there were only maybe three places in San Francisco that didn’t qualify as tourist traps, and they all moved to Oakland in 2007. The Wharf is where all the street vendors make $80,000 a year and live in SOMA. There’s a desperate air of indulgence that illustrates how visiting San Francisco is just smelling your own kale salad farts. Besides the press-a-penny machines, speed painters, octopus keychains, loud sea lions, and chain restaurants, it’s also perpetually cold as balls in a city that almost prides itself on being annoyingly chilly.

Photo via Flickr User Dennis Matheson


What kind of fucked up level of detachment do you have to have to bring your suburbanite family on a “funtastic” tour of a maximum security prison where hyper-violent men, stripped of their humanity, beat and raped each other? Hint: It’s the same people who get out of their cars and say shit like “I pay your salary!” when pulled over. I genuinely believe that if you willingly visit Alcatraz, you would have owned slaves with no moral qualms. On the other hand, the ferry ride over is pretty nice.

Photo via Flickr User hinnosaaur


I am convinced that San Francisco was built as a dune buggy course, but became an actual city in the 1970s. I’ve had the displeasure of driving in Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, and Houston; yet San Francisco is the only city on earth where I’d rather set my car on fire and leave it smoldering in the middle of a one-way street than spend another two hours creeping up a series of 50 degree inclines, hoping to find a loading zone to briefly stop in before loudly, hopelessly weeping into my steering wheel. Cyclists, pedestrians, buses, and streetcars are keen to remind you that this is their city, not yours, and if they hit you, it’s your fault for being an eco-terrorist and not longboarding everywhere.

Photo via Flickr User Andrew Sherman

The Public Transportation Is a Joke

OK, we’ve established that driving in San Francisco is both pointless and dangerous. That’d be fine if the public transit system wasn’t still operating with an infrastructure from the Reagan administration. Muni, the city transit system, has trains that fall apart and fall off the tracksbecause of faulty, ancient overhead wires. They’re also always late because every line has an above-ground segment that routinely gets stuck in gnarly traffic. The train cars look like they’re made of plastic and need to be wound in the back to operate. The buses aren’t much better since they’re prone to randomly squashing cars. No big deal, right?

If you’re hoping BART is better, well… People get shot on BART—by the police. The seats are made of a fabric that is great for soaking up piss, vomit, and semen. The trains also make this godforsaken whistling noise underground. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. It sounds like a dolphin getting fucked in the blowhole by a grizzly bear. BART is buying new trains that address all these issue, which will start running in 2017. Of course, BART is also continuing to raise fares, making it harder and harder to afford to get anywhere, which makes living in the East Bay and working in SF even less tenable. Man, that Google Bus is sounding pretty good now, isn’t it?

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