Oct 21

Monday Music Meeting Episode 2

Here we go with episode #2! Thank you so much for checking in with us once again! This week we are bringing you 3 more new country tracks!

First up to bat our good friend Dylan Scott! Personally I’ve been waiting for new music from Dylan for a while now! I became a fan of his when he released his debut EP last year that had the single “Makin This Boy Go Crazy” on it. Well he is back and the wait was worth it! The new single is “Lay It On Me” and is available now on itunes along with his EP! you can get all the info at www.dylanscottcountry.com and you can follow him on the Twitter machine at @dylanscottcntry

Next up fresh off the Rewind tour with Rascal Flatts are our old friends Gloriana! They are done with the tour and it is time to get some new music out to you! From what we have been told this is going to be the first single off a new album slated for release sometime early 2015! The new track is “Trouble” Don’t think your going to have any trouble liking this one! Dont forget to follow Gloriana on Twitter at @glorianatheband The new single is available exclusively on Spotify right now!

Which bring me to the last spotlight this week! This guy is definitely a newer independent artist out of Nashville by way of Florida. I got turned on to his music a few months back by one of his fan all the way out in the Bay Area. She got me a copy of his music and he’s been getting spins in my player since. Blaire Hanks has a cool sound that is a good mix of some of my favorite artists out right now like a Brantley Gilbert meets FGL. It was hard to decide what song I wanted to use but decided on “Staying In Tonight” He had a debut EP that is out now on itunes and Amazon. YOu can get the info on all things Blaire at www.blairehanks.com and definitely follow him on Twitter at @blairehanks

That’s it for Episode 2! You can always hit me up on facebook at facebook.com/jayrobertsradio on the Twitter @jayrobertsradio and you can always shoot me an email at jayroberts@1019thewolf.com

Oct 16

Sam Hunt throws it back!

This has to be one of the cooler things that I have scene as a promotion in a while! You can Pre-Order a limited edition pack for Sam Hunt’s new album Montevallo now on his site that includes…. A WALKMAN and CASSETTE! I didn’t even know it was possible to get a cassette made anymore let alone a walkman! Makes me want to order one just for the nostalgia of it.
PS to everyone born after 1995 a cassette and wealkman were how us old folk listened to music before Mp3s..
You can check out the package at samhunt.com

Oct 14

Monday Music Meeting #1

Finally we have gotten this going! This is the first ever Monday Music Meeting! The goal here is to give you to new music from artists you already love as well as introduce you to new artists and groups.
First off is a group out of Texas named The Josh Abbott Band. These guys have been doing lots of big things in Texas and the surrounding states but we are just getting to know them out West. This track is real catchy and just a fun song! You can check out more about them here www.joshabbottband.com/
Next off we have a new single off the brand new Florida Georgia Line album releasing this week! This one is Sun Daze and is right in line with a great sun to pop a cold one with your friends around a BBQ!
Last is a duo that I came across that have some really entertaining videos and even more entertaining music! Sundy Best! These guys are going to be in Northern California (Mill Valley) later this month and I think I’m making the trek out to see them! This is their latest single “I Wanna Go Home” Which is probably what they will be saying after they meet me! More info on Sundy Best including links to the videos here sundybest.net
So there is is, push play and turn it up! Let me know what you think about it! You can always reach me on the Twitter machine @jayrobertsradio on the facebook, facebook.com/jayrobertsradio or the email jayroberts@1019thewolf.com

Oct 1

Cant wait to see Downtown….

Can you imagine what Downtown Sacramento will look like in the coming years? After looking at some of the renderings of both the Kings new Arena and what could be the new MLS Sacramento Republic Stadium at the Rail yards, I and getting excited for Sac!

Now I know that the Arena was a highly contested for a while, but I want to show you 4 more pictures, 2 from San Francisco and 2 from San Diego. They are before and after they built their new stadiums. I worked in SF at the time and saw the transformation as it happened… And to be honest Sacramento already has more going on in the area!
SF Before…

SF After

SD Before

SD After

Sep 30

Monday Music Meeting #.5

Starting next week I’m kink of the Monday Music Meetings! Its a PodCast that will focus on new music from your favorite artists and music from up and coming artists that you may not have heard of yet! If you know of an artist or group that you want to hear let me know!

Until Episode 1 next week here’s some of what you can expect to see!

Sam Hunt – House Party


Brodie Stewart Band – Fine Lookin Country Girl


Cole Swindell – Brought to You By Beer

Sep 20

Here’s Easton!!

Less than a week from our Wolf Acoustic Doghouse with Easton Corbin! Check out what Easton told theboot.com about his sound!

Easton Corbin‘s sound has always been more traditional than the pop notes that come from many of his fellow country singers. Corbin says he didn’t choose to be more traditional — instead, the style chose him.

“[Traditional country]‘s part of who I am and what I love,” he tells the Oklahoman newspaper. “You know, I grew up loving Merle Haggard and George Jones and Keith Whitley and folks like that. It’s just what I love. And ever since I’ve been small, it’s just really spoken to me.”

Country is being influenced more and more by other genres, from pop to rock to hip-hop, but Corbin thinks that makes it all the more important that someone represents true country music on the airwaves.

“You know, that makes me want to do traditional country even more, to see how the genre is kind of going over to the left over here,” he says. “To see that, it just makes me wanna sing even more traditional country music, to keep that alive, ’cause there just ain’t that much of it out there being represented.”

Corbin recently released ‘Baby Be My Love Song,’ the second single (following ‘Clockwork,’ which was released in January) off of his upcoming third album. The two singles give fans a glimpse of what to expect on the new album and a peek into how he is evolving as an artist.

“As an artist, you have to keep growing. I think that’s very important. You can’t stay stagnant. You’ve got to keep evolving,” he says. “Still, with that evolution and developing, you’ve still gotta make music you believe in and that’s true to you. I think, like, ‘Clockwork,’ definitely, the melody and stuff shows growth, but it’s still right in that country vein. That’s what I’m gonna keep doing.”

 taken from theboot.com

Image from Getty Images 

Sep 16

But What Do I Call It…

So I’m working on a new podcast that will bring you New music from your favorite artists and introduce new artist too! Trying to come up with the name right now…
The cool part is that I have been listening to a BUNCH of Great new music from artists that I have never been introduced to! So while I work on the name, here are a few new groups and songs that I think you’ll like!

Cant get this song out of my head! The Group is called Sundy Best. The song is I Wanna Go Home. Just 2 guys but their sound is really good

So I got introduced to this by someone on Twitter. His name is Blair Hanks, the song is “Get Weird” and ladies, I have a feeling your going to be drooling…

And last but not least gotta get a Female who’s voice knocked me on my ass! Nikki Lane has that “Real” country sound that people seem to be missing! Check this single Right Time!

Sep 12

Our CMA Picks What do you think?

So the CMA’a are still almost 2 months away, but the nominations are out! So I decided to make a little game of it, yeah I just want to beat Mike Allen again! so here are all of the nominations and Mike, Our Big Boss Man, and my picks! Who do you think will have the most right picks? What picks do you think I got wrong??

2014 CMA Awards Nominees:

Entertainer of the Year
Luke Bryan
Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton
George Strait
Keith Urban

Our Picks: Me- George Strait ~ Mike Allen – Luke Bryan ~ Boss Man – Keith Urban

Now I’m mainly picking the King because he keeps winning on all of the other shows and as far as we know this will be his last year! So I think there going to send him out on top!

Female Vocalist of the Year
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Kacey Musgraves
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Our Picks: Me – Miranda Lambert ~ Mike Allen – Miranda ~ Boss Man – Miranda

Well no argument there… I’d love to see Kacey win though…

Male Vocalist of the Year
Dierks Bentley
Luke Bryan
Eric Church
Blake Shelton
Keith Urban

Our Picks: Me – Luke Bryan ~ Mike Allen – Luke Bryan~ Boss Man – Dierks Bentley

Would be great for Dierks, but I just dont think he has quite enough to get over the hump yet

Vocal Group of the Year
Eli Young Band
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
The Band Perry
Zac Brown Band

Our Picks: Me – The Band Perry ~ Mike Allen – Lady A~ Boss Man – Lady A

This was one of the hardest to pick for me, kinda felt that none of them had a smash year, but I was most impressed with my favorite girl band TBP! LOL!

Album of the Year
‘Crash My Party,’ Luke Bryan
‘Fuse,’ Keith Urban
‘Platinum,’ Miranda Lambert
‘Riser,’ Dierks Bentley
‘The Outsiders,’ Eric Church

Our Picks: Me – Luke Bryan ~ Mike Allen – Luke ~ Boss Man – Dierks Bently

Personally my 2 favorite albums this year were Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert but I dont think Eric has the love he did on Chief with this album…

Song of the Year (Awarded to Songwriters)
‘Automatic,’ Miranda Lambert (Written by Nicole Galyon, Natalie Hemby and Miranda Lambert)
‘Follow Your Arrow,’ Kacey Musgraves (Written by Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally)
‘Give Me Back My Hometown,’ Eric Church (Written by Eric Church and Luke Laird)
‘I Don’t Dance,’ Lee Brice (Written by Lee Brice, Rob Hatch and Dallas Davidson)
‘I Hold On,’ Dierks Bentley (Written by Brett James and Dierks Bentley)

Our Picks: Me – Automatic ~ Mike Allen – I Hold On~ Boss Man – I Don’t Dance

So this award is for who wrote the song, not for the artist. Always wondered what the difference was between song and single of the year! Automatic wasnt my favorite song, but I think that the lyrics are very strong

Vocal Duo of the Year
Dan + Shay
Florida Georgia Line
Love and Theft
The Swon Brothers
Thompson Square

Our Picks: Florida Georgia Line

Yeah I think FGL pretty much will have this locked up for a few years….

New Artist of the Year
Brandy Clark
Brett Eldredge
Kip Moore
Thomas Rhett
Cole Swindell

Our Picks: Me – Brett Eldredge ~ Mike Allen – Thomas Rhett~ Boss Man – Brett Eldridge

Love Kip but really? How does he keep getting nominated for new artist?? I think Brett has this one hands down, and thats not taking anything away from anyone nominated, this is a great batch of artists!

Single of the Year
‘Automatic,’ Miranda Lambert
‘Drunk on a Plane,’ Dierks Bentley
‘Give Me Back My Hometown,’ Eric Church
‘Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,’ Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
‘Mine Would Be You,’ Blake Shelton

Our Picks: Me – Drunk on a Plane ~ Mike Allen – Mine Would be You ~ Boss Man – Drunk on a Plane

This is where I think the biggest snub happpened, I can’t see any reason that Beat of the Music didnt even get a nod! It’s the most played song on Country Radio this year! I really wont be surprised if any of these win they are all great songs.

Musical Event of the Year
‘Bakersfield,’ Vince Gill and Paul Franklin
‘Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,’ Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
‘Somethin’ Bad,’ Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
‘We Were Us,’ Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert
‘You Can’t Make Old Friends,’ Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Our Picks: Me – Keith & Miranda ~ Mike Allen – Miranda and Carrie ~ Boss Man – Miranda and Carrie

Somthing Bad is definitly the flashy pick for this, and it was epic, but I think We Were Us will find a way….

Music Video of the Year
‘Automatic,’ Miranda Lambert
‘Bartender,’ Lady Antebellum
‘Drunk on a Plane,’ Dierks Bentley
‘Follow Your Arrow,’ Kacey Musgraves
‘Somethin’ Bad,’ Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

Our Picks: Drunk on a Plane across the board!

Really, have you scene the video? I still laugh! Now I’d love Something Bad to win just so we can watch the video again…. ;)


Sep 10

I know Blake can eat a pizza.. But sell one?


Blake Shelton took pizza lovers by surprise when he showed up at a California Pizza Hut to sell a few pies. The funny singer posed as a worker named Stephen, going undercover — but can a six-foot-tall (and lots of change) celebrity ever really blend in?

“Come here, tell me what you want. I’m new here,” Shelton tells a hungry patron who walks into the restaurant.

“This has to be something … This is freaking me out,” she says, looking for hidden cameras. Somehow, we don’t think she’s buying it.

Shelton gave it his all, even sporting a Pizza Hut uniform complete with a name tag. While she stammers in confusion, other pizza workers assure her that Stephen is their newest (very tall) employee.

“You’re Blake Shelton!” the woman finally says, but the ‘Ole Red’ singer won’t give up on his prank. “I truly am, I’m Stephen,” he tells her with a smile.

The young woman asks Shelton if he helped make her Pizza Hut pizza, but he admits he’s no chef: “I wouldn’t do that to you.” We concur — it’s probably best that he not try his hand at slinging dough.

While playing Stephen at the California store, Shelton tricks many people before posing for photos with them and giving out a few hugs with their hot pizza pies. The superstar is the new face of the restaurant, as revealed earlier this year.

taken from: tasteofcountry.com

Sep 9

2 Black Cadillacs drivin’ to TV!

Well if you ever wanted the whole story of what really happened in the song Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood, you have to wait no further! They are making a TV mini-series based on the song! I have a feeling some guys are going to get a little nervous watching this one!

Carrie Underwood is returning to the small screen — sort of. The songstress will executive produce a six-hour limited event series, ‘Two Black Cadillacs,’ based on her platinum-selling song of the same name, which she wrote with Hillary Lindsey and Josh Kear.

Underwood will partner with famed movie and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, whose many credits include ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Black Hawk Down,’ ‘CSI: NY’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ The six-hour series, written by Ildy Mordovich (‘Necessary Roughness,’ ‘CSI: Miami’), will explore a dangerous love triangle that occurs in the South.

The mother-to-be admits that song was a departure from what she usually records, but one she was happy to include on her ‘Blown Away’ album.

“It was so fun writing that song,” she tells The Boot. “Obviously people know it’s not my life. I try not to overthink it … If I had a whole album full of songs like that, it would be like, ‘What is she trying to say here?’”

While it’s unclear if Underwood will have any screen time in the new series, she did come up with and star in the concept for the dramatic video.

“I had this idea … If the car did the killing — a la ‘Christine,’ the Stephen King book — I just thought that would be a cool little twist to the story,” she explains. “So I did reach out to ask if he might give his blessing, and I told him, ‘I would never want to do this if you didn’t sign off on it first.’”

‘Two Black Cadillacs’ will air on Fox. No word yet on a premiere date.

taken from theboot.com

image from: deadline.com