Oct 7


Yup! Only a few weeks after the new glass bridge opened in China, one of the glass tiles cracked while a tourist was walking on it! Yeah I’d need more than a diaper at that point!!

Oct 7

Hailey beats cancer and I get chocolate? Love this girl!!

So a few weeks back we got some great news as you may remember, a friend of the station called Mike Allen to tell him the she was CANCER FREE!!! Hailey was so excited and just wanted to celebrate with Mike playing her favorite artist, Hunter Hayes, for her,well thanks to your help, we did one better! You took to the internet and shared a pic of Hailey and Hunter saw! After he heard Hailey’s story, he had to call her and say congrats!!
Flash forward to today, and Hailey stopped by the station, and brought us thank you chocolate ribbons!
Yup! Hailey is pretty much AMAZING!!

This is such an amazing story! Meet Hailey. She loves listening to The Wolf and for a long time she was battling cancer!…

Posted by 101.9 The Wolf on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Well you may remember Hailey from last week! We were trying to get her story shared so we could get Hunter Hayes…

Posted by 101.9 The Wolf on Monday, September 14, 2015

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Oct 1

I think I would need a diaper to walk this bridge…

I’ve been known to want to do some high adrenaline things, sky dive, swim with great white sharks, get married… but I’m not sure I could do this! What do you think!

Scary Glass Bridge Over a Canyon in China

China built a big, scary glass bridge.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Sep 30

Hunting Season with Luke, Jason, Tyler, Granger & Earl Dibbles JR

Hunting season is here! I can’t wait to get out there and bag my first… oh yeah, I have to pay for a wedding in December… No hunting for me this year… :( But  some of your favorite Country stars have already headed out on the hunt! Check out some of their picks from this year and last!

Round 2!!!!

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6 man limit by 7:30am! Good hunt this morning! #limits

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Got my first one of the season y'all

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In case you've ever wondered, I'm a Hoyt guy.

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If they can't see you, they can't run. #TBT #FarrTooEasy

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Throwback to my first duck hunt last season! Hope I get to go after the wedding is done this year!

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Sep 29

Give It A Listen – Turnpike Troubadours

If you have been a fan of the Texas/Red Dirt country scene in the past few years then you have definitely already heard the sounds of the Turnpike Troubadours. The Oklahoma boy gained lots of popularity and success on the Texas music charts starting in 2010 with songs like “Every Girl,” “Wrecked,” “Long Hot Summer Days,” and “Gin, Smoke, Lies.”

The group is back with a brand new album just released 2 weeks ago. The new self titled album has made a splash not just on the Texas charts, but the National ones too. The album debuted on the Billboard Country Album Chart in the #3 spot and broke the top 20 on the Billboard Top 100 chart debuting in the #17 spot. the Troubadours are curting sitting atop the Texas music chart with their latest single, “Down Here.”


Check out a few of their songs here and grab the album on itunes, Google Play, or stream it on Spotify.

Twitter: @TpTroubadours

Web: www.turnpiketroubadours.com


Sep 28

Facebook Will Begin Stealing Your Undergarments at Midnight

Facebook will begin stealing your undergarments at midnight tonight if you don’t copy & paste this message in the next 37 seconds, forward it to everyone in your mailing list, print a hard copy for your grandmother & call your third grade teacher. This is real. I got the message first hand from Elvis who was having lunch with Bigfoot, while riding the Loch Ness monster. It was even on the inside back cover of every tabloid in the grocery store checkout line. Not only will Facebook start charging you tomorrow, they are also going to bill your credit card for the past 3 years of services. Luckily, each person who copies & pastes this status will receive a FREE unicorn in the mail tomorrow. However, if you don’t repost this status, Facebook code has been set up to automatically set your computer on fire & harm an innocent bunny in the forest! It’s all true, it was on the news! It’s official!

I don’t know if he actually wrote this, but I stole it from my cousin Ben’s page. I think that its hillarious because of how many people will actually repost things that they read on Facebook without even trying to make sure that they are true… Anyways, I’m waiting for my unicorn, I hope Facebook is paying for the shipping… That cant be cheap.

Sep 10

For Your Laughing Pleasure….

I was able to go up with Jeff Boerboon with The Air National Guard Aerobatics team before the California Capitol Airshow back in 2013… The outcome… Well… just hit play!

Sep 1

They Took The Boat Out To Catch Fish, End Up Catching A Pair Of Kittens Instead

They Took The Boat Out To Catch Fish, End Up Catching A Pair Of Kittens Instead
Taken from sunnyskyz.com

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon Key were out on the Warrior River in Alabama Saturday morning when they heard a splash and saw something swimming across the water toward them. They weren’t sure exactly what it was until they heard the meows.

alabama fisherman catch kittens

“Never in my life have I seen anything like that,” Frost says in the video.

Frost said he isn’t sure where the kittens came from, but he doesn’t think they got loose. There aren’t any homes near where they were fishing, he said. He thinks someone might have just dumped them there.

When they got to shore, they saw a family with two little girls who each wanted a kitten, and they gave them to the family.

Frost said he’s received messages on Facebook from people all over the country, thanking them for saving the kittens and, of course, expressing their shock that kittens could swim like that.

Aug 31

The Proposal That Was, Then Wasn’t, Then Was!

This Proposal Gone Wrong Ended Up Being A Night To Remember For Everyone Involved!

Taken from sunnyskyz.com

Everything was going as planned for 25-year-old Matthew Picca as he dropped to one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him in front of a crowded Southport, North Carolina restaurant on the water.

But as he opened the box, the ring popped out, fell through the cracks in the deck and into the water below.

good news 2015
Courtesy: Kayla Harrity

“I covered my face and began to cry because I knew my boyfriend was devastated,” Matthew’s girlfriend, Kalya told the local news. “Matthew did not even get to say anything to me before the ring fell into the ocean.”

Almost immediately, several people went down to the boat slip underneath the bar and jumped in the water and started looking for the ring.

“At the bar, there were three men who were enjoying a beer who saw the whole thing,” Kayla said. “They must have felt bad for us and did not want to see our engagement end like this. They jumped in the water and helped look for the ring.”

strangers help man find ring in water
Courtesy: Kayla Harrity

After ten flashlights, five pairs of goggles and nearly two hours of searching in the water, the ring was found!

“Everyone at the bar was cheering. All of a sudden, everyone was chanting ‘Propose again! Do it again!’,” Kayla recalled. “It was the best feeling in the world. My fiancé, soaking wet, smelling like salty, fishing water, proceeded to get down on one knee and put the beautiful ring on my finger!”

happy news
Courtesy: Kayla Harrity

This time, he held on tight.

feel good stories
Courtesy: Kayla Harrity

“When we got back, people were still coming up asking to see the ring,” Kayla said. “They said everyone in Southport was talking about it. It was definitely a night to remember!”

positive news
Courtesy: Kayla Harrity

Source: WECT 6

Aug 27

Tattoo Artist Turns 8 Year-Old Girl’s Dull Leg Braces Into Colorful Disney Villains

Taken from sunnyskyz.com

Tattoo Artist Turns 8 Year-Old Girl’s Dull Leg Braces Into Colorful Disney Villains

A tattoo artist in Fall River, Massachusetts helped a little girl feel proud to wear leg braces by outfitting them with a set of spectacular Disney designs.

tattoo artist designs Disney leg braces
Credit: Jack Foley / Herald News

“I’m glad to be in a position where I can help the community in any way,” Aaron Guillemette told Today. “When I was first approached about designing Hope’s braces, I thought it would be an awesome idea — especially when I heard what the subject matter would be. Hope wanted Disney villains on her braces, not princesses.”

tattoo artist designs Disney leg braces
Credit: Jack Foley / Herald News

Hope was born premature at 24 weeks and has been wearing leg braces for the past four years.

When she first saw her new braces? “I screamed,” she told the news outlet.

The experience was special for Guillemette too, as he told Today Parents, “The look on her face when I gave them to her was worth everything it took to make them.”

(h/t) Huffington Post.